Museum Explorer - Store

Museum Explorer's Shop has created many unique orders, with features tailored to each client's specific needs.

Whether you have extravagant custom design, or a need for a classic model, we are here to build for you. Our Shop can include any number of features on a program cart or exhibit casework, with the following uses available to consider.

Feel free to reach out to Museum Explorer for an order – we love to talk shop!


The cart pictured here is available for purchase today, $3,900.00. Request order and shipping details at


Cabinets and shelving allow you to store your objects and artifacts in between visits with your guests! Conveniently pull them out for face to face time with visitors, and give them an experience they will not soon forget!


We can build and customize to your needs. Need an extra ledge to better display your gameboards? An extra space for your models? We’ve got the tools to put these details in motion to get your demonstration right.


Wheels help bring your cart to wherever you and your staff members need them to be. Whether across hardwood floors, carpeting or asphalt walkways, they make you mobile and ready to meet your visitors wherever they may wander!