Museum Explorer - Program Carts


Museum Explorer had the absolute honor of collaborating with several Smithsonian Museums and Galleries over the years, for a total of 9 carts!

We helped develop 5 program carts for the Smithsonian American Art Museum back in 2014. Called Art à la Cart, this fleet further engages visitors with artwork by providing hands-on activities for them to participate in.

Most recently, Museum Explorer constructed a program cart for the Smithsonian Gardens in 2020. This blue and striking green cart pictured here is intended for use in the outdoor garden, right on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

All photos shown are courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Over the years, Museum Explorer has had the privilege of working closely with Lincoln Park Zoo in developing and designing several projects featured at the Zoo.

The fleet at LPZ includes program carts such as Animals Like Us, which we created collaboratively with Zoo staff and designers to inspire real visitor engagement using all kinds of stimuli: large, colorful signs, life-sized human models for comparison, real animal skulls for visitor engagement.

Lincoln Park Zoo has been one of our closest partners and an inspiration for helping to create unique learning experiences for their visitors.

All photos shown are courtesy of the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum, an esteemed and long-time partner of Museum Explorer's, wanted to develop a new fleet of carts in 2021. We collaborated with them to design 3 new and exciting carts, called IDEA - Inquiry, Discuss, Engage and Analyze.

To create a dynamic learning experience for visitors on topics such as Civics, Immigration and Migration, and the Chicago Fire, we had to get creative.

Each cart features a gameboard specific to each cart and topic. These unique pieces and games help promote visitor interactivity and learning about each subject while lead by staff members at the Museum.

All photos shown are courtesy of the Chicago History Museum.